What We Do

New York State Cannabis Testing & Innovation Lab

Revenue Model

Provide real time digital access of interpreted data to help businesses and consumers make informed decisions.


Scientific analytics for growers, regulatory compliance for processors, product authentication for brands, screening of products for retailers.


Digital portal provides open access to information for consumers, farmers, retailers, and brands.


Interpreting the data into usable insights

  • Seed-to-Sale consulting
  • QR creation
  • Custom COAs
  • Building Predictive Models

Dope Diagnostics

Our Differentiation

Dope Diagnostics

Go To Market Strategy

Target Markets

Growers and processors in NY state, National and artisan cannabis brands, National retail and local health and CBD stores/ dispensaries.

Brand Positioning

Analytical lab committed to delivering integrity, accuracy and transparency to the cannabis industry through science and digital innovation.  

Customer Acquisition
  • Dedicated sales person
  • Agricultural advisor providing warm leads
  • Member of NYCPGA among other NY Cannabis groups
Service Offerings
  • Scientific analytics for regulatory compliance, seed to sale consulting and predictive data for growers and processors.
  • Product authentication for brands and retailers and real-time digital access to information for customers.
Unique Selling Proposition
  • New York advantage
  • Predictive and analytic seed to sale approach 
  • Innovative digital platform and catalog of data.
  • Blockchain Technology allowing multiple revenue streams from the same tests.
Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Leverage New York State relationships
  • Marketing partnerships
  • Digital footprint: 
  • Thought leadership policy White Papers
  • Sales staff promoting commitment to speed and reliability.