New York State Cannabis Testing & Innovation Lab


New York State Cannabis Testing & Innovation Lab

New York State Cannabis Sampling Firm Permit #OCM-CSF-00010.
New York State Cannabis Laboratory Permit #OCM-CPL-2022-021.
Dope Diagnostics


Dope Diagnostics was born when our professionally and culturally diverse team learned that we all shared a concern for the integrity of the cannabis products being brought into people’s homes.

We believe consumers shouldn’t have to question the quality of the cannabis they put in their bodies. An analytical lab using science and digital innovation can provide the trust and reliability missing in the marketplace.

We come from different disciplines; science, tech, legal, finance, creative, and marketing, with a common belief that consumer rights and transparency in the cannabis industry is attainable.

New York’s historically stringent standards mean it is the best place for our lab to launch. The New York program also lends itself to our other priority; social equity in the cannabis industry, investing in marginalized communities most harmed by the prohibition of cannabis.

The Dope Diagnostics mission is using scientific analytics and shared digital access to deliver integrity, accuracy, and innovation to the cannabis industry. 

Our Mission

The Dope Diagnostics mission is using scientific analytics and shared digital access to deliver integrity, accuracy, and innovation to the cannabis industry.

The Challenge

Analytics Short Fall

New York’s cannabis testing regulations mirror standards set by federal agencies for food and drugs.  This creates a high barrier to entry and a shortage of analytical testing facilities.

• Cannabinoid Hemp must be tested by an NYS Ag & Markets approved “Identified Hemp Testing Laboratory,” which has an ISO 17025 Certification number. Agriculture and Markets (

• Adult-Use and Medical Cannabis is required to be tested by NYS Office of Cannabis Management permitted Cannabis Laboratories. Office of Cannabis Management (

A scarcity of quality laboratories to handle the analytics demand leads to inconsistent test results, rushed reports with limited data and unclear Certificates of Analysis. 

Consumers confused by unreliable information lose trust in Cannabis products.  Growers and manufacturers without accurate in-depth analytics have a limited ability to innovate quickly and are unable to meet changing market demand.

The Way Out

Dope Diagnostics will be a 5,000+ square foot facility located at the Hudson Valley iCampus in the hamlet of Pearl River in Rockland County, NY planning to be operational in 2023.

The Effect

An Unsuccessful Marketplace

Dope Diagnostics

The Solution

Inauthentic analytics with no visibility into market demand


Increase return-on-investment (ROI) through seed-to-sale consulting and harvest predictability.

Current extraction methods leave high levels of residual agents


Ensure safety and regulatory compliance and optimize extraction methods.

Consumer confusion with product specifications


Educate and consult, helping customers make intelligent purchasing decisions.

Lack of certification allows substandard brands to prosper


Authenticate with a reliable seal of approval and provide access to data and analytics.

Why New York?

And Why Now?

  • With New York legalizing Adult Use Cannabis this year, the industry is expected to generate $1.2 billion in sales by 2023 and $4.2 billion by 2027.*
  • The NY Office of Cannabis Management has released one of the strictest set of Cannabinoid Hemp regulations in the country. Stricter regulations means more required testing. **
  • Currently New York has 744 cannabinoid hemp growers, 36 processors, and 30 manufacturers who will all need to get their product tested.
  • It is estimated that there will be more than 130,000 mandatory, full-panel tests being done per year in New York by 2023 with an estimated revenue of more than 78 million.**

*Forbes 3/21 **Castetter Cannabis Group 11/21

Why New York?

And Why Now?

Our Team