Sampling Services

New York State Cannabis Testing & Innovation Lab

Dope Diagnostics is committed to delivering cannabis samples to labs in the quickest, most efficient way to ensure accurate testing results.

Our couriers and field samplers are trained in best practices and standards for New York state in order to provide successful collections.

We guarantee expert hand delivery of samples, properly prepared and secured for efficient processing in the lab. Our vehicles are equipped with GPS, cameras and proper temperature control to maintain sample quality. Cannabis products do not leave our custody until they arrive safely to the lab for the intake process.

Dope Diagnostics is a permitted New York State Cannabis Sampling Firm Permit #OCM-CSF-00010.

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Dope Diagnostics specializes in testing  from seed to sale, providing compliance and ancillary testing to support and promote a healthy grow.

Our knowledgeable team can recommend environmental testing support such as water, air, surface swabbing, soil analysis. and plant pathogen testing.

Our focus on plant health identifies viruses and unwanted pathogens that may be affecting cannabis crops like the Hop Latent Viroid or Powdery Mildew.

Armed with data and analytics gathered during site visits, our scientists can suggest remediation and preventative measures to make your process more successful.

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